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At ARK, we approach your lawn and landscape with utmost care and present expert advice on how to best maintain nature around you. We have been providing our services for over 20 years, and make sure your lawn and trees live a long and beautiful life.

Our lawn and tree experts will examine your turf and trees and assign a personalized treatment or cure depending on the conditions. A beautiful and flourishing lawn leaves us feeling accomplished and gives us a place that we can gather with our let us help you make life easier, and let us do the work for you. Contact ARK Green Works:

  • Your lawn and trees will be assessed
  • You will be provided with an expert in lawn and tree care
  • A healthy customized plan will be designed for you
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ARK Green Works

Services we provide

Today, it is becoming more and more necessary to take care of the nature around you. And if you are not an expert on that, let us assist you with the ventures as we provide a variety of excellent services that you can choose from.

Lawn and Tree Fertilizing

We tailor your lawn and provide fertilization services for the maintenance of a healthy and vibrant landscape for your property.

Tree and Shrub Insect Control

If you feel like your not sure about the conditions you should be providing to your trees, then just come...

Spider Barriers

We can set up a custom-made program for you to keep the spiders and other types of tiny invaders out...

Water Management Solutions

If you feel you are clueless about the watering schedule, and How it changes throughout the season.i will be providing...

Pruning and Yard Clean Ups

You can totally rely on our experts to take care of the trimming and pruning process as we have mastered...


Aeration is an important step in lawn care and we make sure your property has durable grassroots and a nourishing...

We take care of your plants and keep them looking great day by day


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We would recommend this company to others and appreciate the service

Jeff S

Great guy very knowledgeable will have him continue to for my yard.

Darrell C

Very very good, knowlegdebale and helpful.

Vik G

Good guy, very personable, honest and knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond expectations, very resonable pricing

Cal C

He said he would come and get the work done at a certain time and did. he also kept me updated on the
approximate time. Everything was perfect

Sambath R

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